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Blacked Out Trucker Hat

$29.99 USD

1 review

Comfortable and Stylish Big Rig Trucker Hat! All Blacked Out Exterior Design For Your Comfort and Wear!

- 100% Cotton Herringbone on Front 

- 100% Polyester Mesh on Back

- 100% Big Rig Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Joson Ramirez
Big Rig Coffee Hat

This is my second time ordering the hat, I lost my first one and I was absolutely devastated but immediately went to purchase another one, the hat is incredibly comfortable. As a truck driver it feels great to wear a trucker brand coffee while on the truck and while on my hometime. I fully support this company and will continue to recommend their coffee and merchandise


The perfect pick-me-up for American truckers on the go! This 12oz bag of 100% Arabica ground coffee is expertly crafted to deliver a rich, medium roast flavor with tasting notes of Brazil nut, grapefruit, and oak.

Each Big Rig Medium Roast Coffee sip is like a journey through the heart of America, with its robust and bold flavor profile that will keep you awake and alert during those long, overnight hauls. And because it's made with only the highest quality Arabica beans, you can trust that you're getting a premium coffee experience.

Big Rig Medium Roast Coffee isn't just about the taste - it's also about supporting the hardworking truckers who Keep America Running! That's why every bag of our coffee is America roasted, ensuring that you're getting a truly authentic and patriotic product.

So whether you're a trucker looking for a delicious and energizing coffee to keep you on the road or a coffee lover looking for a new, flavorful brew, Big Rig Medium Roast Coffee is the perfect choice. Try it today and taste the difference for yourself!