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Big Rig Medium Roast

12oz 340grams
$16.99 USD

17 reviews

Our Coffee is a tribute to the American Trucker. Made from the Highest Quality Beans, Roasted to Perfection in the USA, and Crafted to deliver a Bold and Smooth Taste that Embodies the Spirit of the Open Road.

This Medium Roast has tasting notes of Brazil Nut, Grapefruit and Oak. So good you can drink it black.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Stefan Brann
Great choice

The coffee came highly recommended, it did not disappoint!!
The coffee when run through my coffee press is excellent!!

Jerrold Berg
Taste of Eden

I like my coffee strong which usually means evil bitterness. BigRig Coffee gives full flavor with the purity of Eden.

donald martin
Dispatch Me Home

Hey Guys, the coffee is great. Quick delivery. We have a pot every morning. No bitter or acidy taste. We use 5 scoops per pot. Looking forward to trying your upcoming Liquid Diesel...10-4 and out

Aubry Oden
The Taste Is Beyond Any Coffee I Have Had

The medium roast coffee is outstanding. It has a sweet but earthy taste to it. On top of that it tastes and smells super fresh. I was amazed at the fact that I didn't even have to add sugar to it. This blew my mind and I will forever be addicted after the first sip I took.

Steven Lopez
big rig coffee co

just recieved my medium roast has great rich aroma and has a very bold taste definatly i love it this is the type of coffee us truckdrivers need honestly i love it and cant wait to get my next order in also delivery was very fast and im in jersey overall in a score ill give them a solid 15 score they exceded my expectations everyone should give them a try


The perfect pick-me-up for American truckers on the go! This 12oz bag of 100% Arabica ground coffee is expertly crafted to deliver a rich, medium roast flavor with tasting notes of Brazil nut, grapefruit, and oak.

Each Big Rig Medium Roast Coffee sip is like a journey through the heart of America, with its robust and bold flavor profile that will keep you awake and alert during those long, overnight hauls. And because it's made with only the highest quality Arabica beans, you can trust that you're getting a premium coffee experience.

Big Rig Medium Roast Coffee isn't just about the taste - it's also about supporting the hardworking truckers who Keep America Running! That's why every bag of our coffee is America roasted, ensuring that you're getting a truly authentic and patriotic product.

So whether you're a trucker looking for a delicious and energizing coffee to keep you on the road or a coffee lover looking for a new, flavorful brew, Big Rig Medium Roast Coffee is the perfect choice. Try it today and taste the difference for yourself!