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Hunter Wilson

Hunter is the founder of Big Rig Coffee Company. Hunter grew up in a small town in Indiana called Montezuma. His father is an Army Veteran, who has now been trucking for over 30 years. He encouraged Hunter to join the Air Force and served four years as a Parachute Rigger, deploying to Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and Djibouti. Where he also met Gabriel during Military Basic Training. Watching the struggles of not only his father but friends and family growing up. Hunter came up with a way he knows he can give back. Thus Big Rig Coffee Company was born and the journey began.

Gabriel Massey

Gabriel is the Co-Founder of Big Rig Coffee Company. Gabriel is from a small town in Northern Maine called Caribou. (Not many people know about it but it’s fine, he’ll only be a little upset) Before leaving for the Air Force in 2017 he pursued Structural Welding and received his certifications through Northern Maine Community College. Serving five years in the Air Force as an Aircraft Armament Technician, he deployed to various locations such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel.  He wanted to take his love for coffee and serve others to the next level by delivering freedom in a cup to the unsung heroes of America. 

Tucker Griffin

Tucker Griffin is the President of Big Rig Coffee Company. Tucker is from Terre Haute Indiana and is a United States Marine Corp Veteran. After serving four years in the Marine Corps as a Metal Worker he decided to continue his career outside of the Marines.  He has recently joined alongside Gabriel and Hunter in hopes to help fuel the fire, and giving new insight and feedback for Big Rig Coffee Company! Tucker is a lifelong friend of Hunter and always knew the friendship and bond would make our team at Big Rig even stronger.