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Big Rig Blog

Business Address - Big Rig Coffee Company

Welcome to Big Rig Coffee Company's official blog!

We will be keeping up to date every week with relatable and relevant information. Whether it’s coffee, trucks, politics.. etc we will share our views with you and get you thinking about day-to-day life, and what’s next!! First and foremost, the writer/creator of this content is someone with who you might not be familiar with at Big Rig…



My name is Tucker Griffin, I as well, am a veteran of the US military, having served 4 years in the USMC. I’m from Terre Haute, IN. I love to play sports, work out, hunt, fish, and go out with friends! Oh… and drink lots of coffee, in moderation of course.  I have recently joined alongside Gabe and Hunter in hopes to help fuel the fire, and giving new insight and feedback for Big Rig Coffee Company! I’m very excited to be a part of the team and am looking forward to the long journey ahead.




Hunter, who is a lifelong friend of mine reached out to me about this idea. I fell in love with the idea, trying to understand how it’s been overlooked for so long.. it just seems like the right thing to do! My family is full of truck drivers, my dad has been driving trucks for at least 15 years. so it brought things full circle for me, and I’m super stoked to be working with two great friends, and better yet, two amazing dudes for the trucking community! They both want to give back to the trucking community in so many ways, and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with genuine people like themselves!




We are looking to accomplish BIG things here at Big Rig! Everyone starts from somewhere and the trucking industry will help get us where we want to be one truck driver at a time. There is a Bright Road for Big Rig Coffee Company! Stay tuned, Stay engaged, and most importantly… Support truck drivers in America!


Contact: Tucker@bigrigcoffeecompany.com

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